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Awarding funds thanks to players of People's Postcode Lottery
Postcode Dream Fund

Previous Award Winners

The Dream Fund supports charities that wish to deliver highly innovative, impactful, and engaging projects across Britain.

In 2021, the Postcode Recovery Fund was created to support charities to develop innovative solutions that address the many issues affecting people as society recovers from the effects of the pandemic. 

Here are some of the previous charitable causes we supported:

A Diagnosis Revolution

The UK’s leading dementia charities, Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK are coming together to deliver the Diagnosis Revolution project that will transform the way dementia is diagnosed in healthcare settings by developing a new blood biomarker test for the NHS that can detect dementia in its’ earliest stages.

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Big Food Redesign Challenge

A high-profile demonstration to reshape how food is designed, grown and marketed, the project will act as a catalyst to mainstream nature-positive food as a new source of competitive advantage and as a scale solution to climate change and biodiversity loss.

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Brilliant Butterflies

The Brilliant Butterflies project aims to reverse the long-term decline of butterfly and insect populations.

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House for Healing

House for Healing will be used to change the way children provide evidence in criminal cases and how they are supported throughout the process.

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Make Fashion Circular

The Make Fashion Circular project will create a textiles economy fit for the 21st century.

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Safe Spaces

Safe Spaces will reach victims of domestic violence on every high street across the UK by incorporating 'Safe Spaces' inside banks and pharmacies. The project will reach over 200,000 people experiencing domestic abuse.

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The SMART Suit is a revolution for young people with muscular dystrophy who have been robbed of the ability to use their arms. The SMART Suit will drive a seismic shift in assistive technology and will deliver a device that gives independence, discrete power and comfort to help disabled kids keep chasing their dreams.

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Space 4 Nature

The Space 4 Nature project will integrate earth observation satellite data with artificial intelligence to map the nature environment in a way that has never been done before, and will use citizen science to engage landowners, businesses, and communities with this new, innovative technology.

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The Bay: A Blueprint for Recovery

The Bay is a Nature and Wellbeing Programme, offering people living in Morecambe Bay the opportunity to get outdoors and connect with nature.

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Water Works

The Water Works project aims to address soil desiccation and erosion of biodiversity in the Fens of East England.

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Wheels of Change

The Wheels of Change project seeks to radically improve both the quality of life and the life chances of young wheelchair-users by developing a wheelchair for disabled children that is technologically impressive, modular, and affordable.

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Wild Oysters

Wild Oysters will restore the native oyster population, which will in turn see cleaner water, healthier fisheries and plentiful marine biodiversity in Britain.

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Wilder Blean

Wilder Blean will introduce Bison to a British woodland for the first time in modern history, working to restore natural processes and wildlife diversity.

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Young Changemakers

The Young Changemakers project will redesign mental health support for young people of colour to provide impactful, culturally competent mental health support to those disproportionally affected by the pandemic.

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Young Responders

Young Responders will work in partnership with young people to create bespoke mental health and physical first aid programmes to address specific needs within their communities, aiming to equip young people with lifesaving first aid skills and confidence to use them in the moments that really matter.

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