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A Diagnosis Revolution

The UK’s leading dementia charities.

A Diagnosis Revolution

  • 2023 Dream Fund winner
  • Awarded £5 million
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A Diagnosis Revolution

The UK’s leading dementia charities, Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK are coming together to deliver the Diagnosis Revolution project that will transform the way dementia is diagnosed in healthcare settings by developing a new blood biomarker test for the NHS that can detect dementia in its’ earliest stages.

Dementia is the UK’s greatest health and social care challenge. It is the biggest cause of death in the country but people affected by it are not supported in the way they need, often with dreadful consequences.

A new generation of drugs that can treat dementia at its’ earliest stages will become available in the UK soon but present methods of diagnosis mean 98% of people with dementia will receive a diagnosis too late to benefit from them.

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Over the next six years the partners will collaborate with leading research institutions to develop the transformational new blood biomarker test that will enable millions of people to benefit from the new generation of early-stage treatments for dementia, helping those with a diagnosis to slow its’ progression, live a more fulfilled life for longer and spend more time with their loved ones.