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Apply to the Postcode Recovery Fund

The Postcode Recovery Fund is now closed for applications. 

The Postcode Recovery Fund has been created to support charities to develop innovative solutions that address the many issues affecting people as society recovers from the effects of the pandemic.

Postcode Recovery Fund offered a total award fund of £3,000,000 for charitable organisations to deliver projects within Great Britain in 2021-2023. Charities could apply for up to £1 million for a project that addresses a systemic societal issue related to the pandemic.

We are looking for impactful and original projects that can demonstrate a clear link to the effects of the pandemic across the following six funding priority areas:

  1. Educational inequalities
  2. Homelessness
  3. Domestic Violence
  4. Health and wellbeing
  5. Social exclusion and isolation
  6. Poverty

Full details about the fund are available within last year's guidance notes.




  • Charities can apply for up £1,000,000 to deliver a project 12-24 months in length.
  • Applications will only be accepted from registered charities.
  • We do NOT accept applications from local authorities, statutory bodies or universities.
  • Applicants are eligible to apply ONCE only. This restriction also applies to organisations that have multiple branches, e.g. different branches in Scotland and England.
  • Please note that we have restrictions regarding income levels of applicants. Organisations must have an annual income that is at least two times the amount applied for.
    • For example, if a charity is applying for £500,000 then their annual income must be at least £1,000,000 in their latest audited accounts.
    • If a charity is applying for £1,000,000 then their annual income must be at least £2,000,000 in their latest audited accounts.
  • There is no maximum upper limit regarding the annual income of applicants.
  • Applications must be focused on supporting an area that has been highlighted by the pandemic.
  • All projects must demonstrate tangible impact after 12 months.
  • The minimum amount charities may apply for is £500,000.

If you have an idea for the Postcode Recovery Fund it is always worth contacting the helpdesk and seeing if your project is suitable before applying.


The Postcode Recovery Fund has a three-stage application process:

Stage 1

Applicants submit their proposal through a simple online application form. Applicants provide the following details:

  • A brief description of the organisation
  • A project description
  • Details of the pandemic related issue the project will address
  • Project mission statement
  • The amount of funding requested.

Stage 2

The most impressive, impactful and original projects will then be shortlisted and asked to apply via a more detailed application form.

Stage 3

Stage 2 applicants will then be shortlisted further and the very best entries will be asked to give a formal presentation on their project to the Postcode Recovery Fund Assessment Panel.

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