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Postcode Dream Fund

Is my project eligible?

The Postcode Recovery Fund supports charities to develop impactful and innovative solutions to the societal effects of the pandemic.

Applications must be able to demonstrate strong, tangible impact after 12 months.

Here are details of the eligibility criteria for which projects we support and which we do not.

We support projects that:

  • Take place in Great Britain.
  • Are addressing a systemic issue related to the effects of pandemic.
  • Are innovative and attempting to break new ground.
  • Leave a significant and tangible legacy after one year.
  • Meet our pandemic related funding priorities.
  • Request between £500,000 and £1 million.

We do NOT support projects that:

  • Take place overseas.
  • Are not innovative.
  • Are not related to societal effects of the pandemic.
  • Do not demonstrate significant impact after 12 months.
  • Are applied for by local authorities and statutory bodies.
  • Request less than £500,000.
  • Request more than £1 million.

If you have any further questions about project eligibility please contact the Postcode Recovery Fund helpdesk on

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